Dr. Resmi V Rajagopal


I am an Indian born in Kerala, which has a heritage in Ayurveda, deeply rooted in my journey as an Ayurveda Physician. The journey started in 2007, when I got the opportunity to earn my graduation from Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, and my Masters from the renowned national institute, ITRA Jamnagar, India. Over the time period, I got training in yoga therapy, beauty care, and pulse diagnosis.

I learned and was shaped by patient care, diagnostic skills, logical reasoning skills, observation focus, hands-on surgical experiences, and the best treatment methodologies in these colleges. The teaching and learning experiences from various teachers, or GURUs, go beyond the textbooks, incorporating practical wisdom and even spiritual insights into health and wellness.

I was lucky to enrich my career paths as an assistant professor at the SDM College of Ayurveda in Uduppi, India, shaping the next generation of Ayurveda students, which definitely enhanced my skills in theory and practical experience.

Working as a women’s consultant at Oneworld Ayurveda Bali offers a unique environment to provide personalized care create tailored wellness programs.

Enriched in these roles, the ambition and vision to help women across the globe and popularize Ayurveda influenced me to launch AYURSHE.

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