Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in Pregnancy

Pregnancy, often considered the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life, comes with physiological and psychological changes. Hormonal variations support baby growth and lactation, leading to weight gain and emotional vulnerability. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can address these challenges, promoting mindfulness, physical strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

  • Physical Strength and Flexibility:
    • Yoga promotes physical strength and flexibility, contributing to easier labor.
  • Improved Blood Circulation:
    • Certain asanas and pranayama enhance blood circulation, ensuring better oxygen and nutrient supply to the growing baby.
  • Stress Reduction:
    • Yoga reduces stress, creating a more favorable intrauterine environment and potentially aiding in fetal development.

Misconceptions about Pregnancy Yoga

Despite common myths, maintaining physical activity during pregnancy is crucial. Yoga, with its emphasis on gentle asanas and breathing techniques, stands out as an ideal practice. A sedentary lifestyle may lead to complications, making careful selection of yoga practices important during this period.

Trimester-wise Yoga Selection

The second trimester is ideal for starting yoga practice. During the first trimester, meditation and specific pranayamas are advisable. Consultation with a healthcare provider is crucial, especially in cases of certain medical conditions related to pregnancy.

Yoga Recommendations during the First Six Months

  • Meditation
  • Corpse Pose (Shavasana) in Left Lateral Position
  • Anuloma and Villoma Pranayama

Yoga Recommendations during the Last Three Months

  • Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)
  • Marjarasana (Puppy Pose)
  • Ardha Gomukhasana (Half Cow Face)
  • Malasana (Garland Pose)
  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose) – Left Lateral
  • Goddess Pose (Utkatakonasana)

When to Start Yoga during Pregnancy

Start yoga practice in the second trimester, but meditation and select pranayamas are suitable in the first trimester. Always consult a healthcare provider before beginning any physical activity, especially in conditions like placenta previa, bleeding per vagina, cervical incompetence, or a history of miscarriage. Prioritize safety and seek professional guidance for beneficial yoga practice during pregnancy. AyurShe is always one message away whenever you seek an expert’s advice.

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