Menopause Diet Plan

Vata pacifying diet in general.

  • Low oestrogen/ high oest diet as per taking any HRT
  • Whole fresh, or freshly cooked organic foods.
  • Ca supplement
  • Vit D- Sun bath in dawns or dusk
  • Avoid plastic containers for food storage or even plastic water bottles.
  • Savor your food and your ability to spend time with yourself.
  • Adequate hydration with Water, herbal teas, herbal drinks, fruit juices .
  • Avoid sparkling or fizzy drinks.
  • Sleep : yoga nidra , Soham meditation
    8 hrs sleep
  • Exercise : yoga, pranayama, meditation (30 minutes – 1 hr according to
    own strength twice a day)
    Jogging, cycling, aerobics, swimming. (1 hr according to own strength)
    Out doors park for exercise as it can ensure fresh air with drowning in
  • Abhyanga the self Ayurveda massages for 10-15 mts daily with coconut
    oil/ olive oil/sesame oil is advisable.
  • Small naps can be taken for 10 mts on exhaustion. Wet wipes for eyes, eye rotations and deep breathing movements helps as freshner in office
    works or for long time laptop users.
  • Bananas, sesame sunflower seeds. – rich in micronutrients for peri menopausal
  • Broccoli almonds, eggs, watercress, wheat grass dandelions, leafy veggies,
    citrus fruits – Sources of iron
    Pomegranate juice = hot flushes
    Mint lime = hot flushes
    Herbal teas – cardamom, coriander – hot flushes

fennel, cumin teas – low energy or heaviness in body also improves digestion
Cardamom, palm sugar and cinnamon has anti addictive effect – for reducing
the craving of coffee, cigars and liquors.

  • Satavari, Vidari, Aswagandha, Jeevanthi can be used as herbal
    supplements after an Ayurveda consultation.
  • Brahmi, sankhapushpi, mandukaparni, amalaki – herbal supplements can
    improve the behavioural and cognitive functions. Also reduces stress,
    anxiety, insomnia, fears.
  • Rosella, aloevera, chamomile, fennel – Anti oxidants.
    ❖ Timely food breakfast 7:30 – 8:30, lunch 12- 1:30pm and dinner before 8
    and no snacking after 8.
    Break fast – fruits , eggs & carb/ prot easily digestable
    Oats with sesame seeds/ barley porridges with pumpkin seeds/ wheat grass with
    chia seeds /can make the porridges with fresh milk/almond milk/
    soymilk/coconut milk as per once gut tolerance.
    Fruit juices like avocados, mangos, melons, berries, celery juices, beet& carrot
    juices, cucumber lime juices, hot mint lime juices.
    Snacks – almonds, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds, chia
    seeds, dried apricots, raisins, dates, fig, plums
    Lunch : Steamed salads, main carbo portion, yoghurt, whole grain toast.
    Lentils, salmon, tuna -no cheese
    Rice/ quinova/ polenta/ wheat/ buck wheat
    Steamed salads- cucumber, beets, carrots, celery, lettuce, sprouts
    Avoid red meat, pork and uncooked meat/ fish.
    Make sure consumption of eggs not exceeding 5 in a week.
    Do not have tofu/ tempe with soya beans or soya milk/ all these in any of the
    meals in a single day because all these comes from the soya.

Dinner – soups, steamed veggies or vegetable curry /pancakes/ small portion of
carbohydrate grains.
No cheese/yoghurts/butter or any fresh fruit/ fruit juices in dinner time.

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